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Veteran Resources

Veterans helping veterans helping other veterans. Because that's what we do.

Do you have a great business idea?

The Veteran's Entrepreneurship Initiative (VEI) provides free business courses to veterans to vet (pun intended) their ideas, get their business started, or scale their current business. These guys are amazing.

Logo for the Veterans Entrepreneurship Initiative - linked to their website.

Does your civilian workplace need help knowing how best to utilize its veteran employees?

Look no further than Suiting Green Consulting. Matt, in his Jedi ways, will teach your civilian employers about your military experience, the skills you gained, and how they can utilize you to your full potential.

Logo for the company Suiting Green Consulting - links to their site.

Do you need to talk to someone right now?

Are you in mental distress? Do you just really need to talk to someone right now? Call the Veteran's Crisis Line. They can help.

Logo for the Veterans Crisis Line - Links to their site.

More to come.
Stay Tuned...

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